Traditionally, women have been known to bleed in step with the rhythms of the moon!

Like the moon, ever changing every few days in its rotation and impact, womens’ bodies goes through a series of cyclical changes within cycles as well. From ovulation, which acts very much like the full moon in its energies of extroversion and outward focused energies, to bleeding time, which mirrors the new moon in its desire for withdrawal, introspection, and inward focused creation.

The female form and nature closely mirror each other.

What can we learn from observing and working with these rhythmns?

  1. Embracing pain as necessary:
    Observing nature, and observing the female cycle shows us that pain is a necessary part of existing in this space and time! As women who bleed, and eventually women who give birth, our bodies remind us that pain always signifies growth. Learning to embrace cramps during our period can lead us to a reminder to be gentle with ourselves and a truth that pain is merely an indicator of growth.

  2. Cyclical Living:
    Living cyclically is a lifestyle based on the recognition that like nature and the female body, nothing healthy is ever static. Growth tends to occur where there is room to move in waves and cycles. 
    This leads to a recognition that innately no two days are ever the same, no two moods are ever the same, and no two people are ever the same. 

    Living cyclical could look a lot like planning our days around certain themes rather than looking for uniformity from every moment, every work day, and every relationship. We recognize that emotions wax and wane, that productivity rises and falls, that appetite and desire also change with certain environmental factors.

  3. Letting Go:
    Like a tree which stays shedding its dead leaves, and the uterus which sheds its lining every 28-35 days, our emotional state would be more healthy if we regularly tuned in and allowed ourselves space to let dying and decaying things go!Working with this rhythm could look like using your bleeding days as an opportunity to re-evaluate certain people, places, wounds, and dreams that need to be released.

    It could also be a good time to de-clutter your physical and virtual spaces. 

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