Its’ a new era for women who bleed!

As much as talking about our cycles are still taboo in some spaces, one cannot help but notice that there are more women taking up space without shame to share the power and vulnerability of what it means to have a period.

From all red period parties, to spoken words about how bleeding women are actually powerful beings, to celebrities like Gabrielle Union sharing in her new memoir experiences that surrounded her first few bleeds, its no surprise that slowly periods are making a comeback into mainstream culture. And this time, not as a topic of conversation for teenage boys looking to make fun of their female classmates.

Conversations around periods these days look a lot like sharing period tracking apps with your partner,
sharing wine and cheese with your best friend because your cycles have synced and you are both ovulating at the very same times,
learning about cycle syncing as a productivity hack ,
having some carefully researched points when you go visit your gynecologist about endometriosis and other period related illness with your doctor.

With as much positive attention that the period is garnering in this new era, the question is how are we on a personal level making strides to de-stigmatize periods, to take away the shame associated with bleeding for ourselves and the people closest to us?

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